Great Figures

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Élisabeth Bazinet-Olivier (1876-1963)

School Teacher, organist at church for 42 years, church choir director and post director for many years.

Jeanne Olivier (1914-2003)

Miss Jeanne was a well-known personality; involved in many causes, she was devoted to the Red Cross, the several cultural activities of the village and responsible also for the musical part in church.

Anna Lanoue-Gaudet (1885-1960)

First Bell Canada Operator in the village, Anna was also the room and board manager for the Shawinigan Water and Power Employees.

Aséline Brien dit Desrochers (1859-1936)

Married to Trefflé Perreault, she was the known midwife of the village.


Émélie Marchand-Payette (1886-1963)

She owned a room and board and built several summer cottages at Lac Pierre.



Marguerite Trudeau-Beaupré (1899-1988)

In 1972, she established a social club for  elderly people; she was  the volunteer manager for the carnival.


Marie-Louise Lachapelle-Gariépy (1911-2001)

School teacher for 35 years, she managed the general grocery with her husband Albert Gariépy. Mrs Gariépy was also involved in many community organisations: the Caisse populaire, the Club de l’ Âge d’or,  the Dames de Ste-Anne Group , the  Lacordaires’Association.



Marie-Rose Valois-Desrochers (1907-1991)

She has been the Caisse populaire Manager from 1951 until 1963.



Flore Desjardins-Belleville (1894-1975)

Mother of more than 20 children, she managed the family sawmill with her sons from 1938 until1955.





Hormidas Gravel (1892-1988)

Sacristan for 40 years, he participated in all aspects of the religious life of the village.  He was also a very good water diviner! 


Luke Corcoran (1805-1894)

First Mayor, he has been involved in all aspects of the beginning of the village! 


Albert Gaudet (1892-1971)

Blacksmith for 42 years, he also lead the municipality for 17 years and was a well-respected developer. 

Henri Gareau (1896-1979)

Mayor for 19 years, bed and lodging owner, he has been the promoter of tourism in the 40’s and the 50’s.

Albert Gariépy (1904-1987)

Grocer from 1934 until 1969, Mr Gariépy has been Chairman of School Board (1943-1946), Mayor of St-Alphonse-Rodriguez (1961-1962) and President of Caisse populaire.


Dr Louis-Auguste Olivier (1855-1919)

Doctor and Mayor of Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, Dr Olivier was also the rural prefect


Louis Olivier (1897-1951)

Businessman and pioneer in transportation and forest exploitation, he was the great figure and the moral authority of the village; owner of the sawmill and a transportation company, his participation in the economic development of the place was welcomed by the community. 

Alexis Marchand (1894-1967)

Farmer and founder of Lac Marchand location, he also owned  a room and board, summer cottages that were sold to the four Hétu brothers (Domaine des 4H).  Mr Marchand was Chairman of Caisse populaire (1929-1934)



Robert Belleville (1920-1986)

Founding Chairman of Optimist Clubs,  Mayor of St-Alphonse (1969-1971), Mr Belleville was the owner of Belleville sawmill (1955-1972).


Father Michaud, Architect of the Church And the Parish Priest : Father Provost, Father Valois and Father Chevalier.
They where  appreciated the leaders of the village  in many spheres.