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Many people wanted to leave a memento of their visit to our parish by giving their names or the names of family members to public places or streets

Therefore Lake Pierre was originally named Lake Sullivan, the name of the  land surveyor who  traveled through  the Kildare Townships . Zacharie Cloutier was an employee of Mr. Sullivan . Lake  Cloutier was named in his honor. 


Lakes Marchand, Bastien, Gerard (Préville), Gareau, Joly, Pinatel, Thouin, Tellier. Arbour, Lucien, Lachapelle, Georges (Lafrenière), Dontigny remind us of the work of these builders.


The 4 Hetu brothers: Bernard, Philippe, Jean-Guy and Fernand were concerned in keeping alive the history of St. Alphonse.

Aexis, Marchand, Lucien, Payette, Albini (Préville) cultivated farms on these lands. Leo, Evangeline, Maurice, Manon, Lise, Christian, Huguette, etc. are members of the Hétu family.

The McManiman estate reminds us of the early Irish  settlers who settled  down amongst us.


We also wanted to pay tribute to people or families who lived in certain areas of our parish . Here are some examples of streets named after them: Coderre, Carroll. Clémentine (Lanoue-Carroll), Bastien, Carmen (Beaulieu-Perreault), Laforest, Lafond, Gaudet, Rivest, Adam, Montée d'Emelie (Émelie Marchand-Payette),Desrochers, Belleville, Fleury, Rosaire, Thouin.


The first mayor, Luke Corcoran (1840) and Fathers Chevalier and Valois were also thanked for their hard work.


If you know the origin of the name of the street or lake where you live,

keep us informed.



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