Mission and objectives

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The History Society of Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez’s mission is to promote and disseminate the history of Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez.


The objectives of operation are:

  • Collect and to preserve records the history of the municipality;
  • Collect and to preserve evidence and accounts of people describing the events in our community;
  • Organize conferences, meetings and exhibitions on the local history;
  • Make all necessary representations to any public or governmental organization for the protection and preservation of our architectural heritage;
  • Make known the heritage of Siant-Alphonse-Rodriguez;

For these purposes,

  • Raise the money or other property by way of public subscriptions or otherwise.


The Society is governed by the Companies Act, Part 111 (#Registration 1162237870)



French architecture of the roofs




The History Society is a member of: 

• Quebec  Federation of Historical Societies
• Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez  Cultural Committee