Cost of living

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M. Marcel Gaudet

Marcel Gaudet collected this data from documents found at the city hall.


1903 - A man worked for a dollar a day and was paid $0.25 for his horse.

A  6 foot beam of wood was sold for $0.24.


1909 - The municipality paid $37.65 per year to the Sisters of Providence at Eusebe Hospital, for the room and board of sick and very poor people.       


1914- Joseph Loyer sold a cord of wood for $1.25.


1918-Emily Richard a schoolteacher, earned $200.00 per year. Did she have to heat the school at her own expense?


1919 - Onésime Préville was paid $2 a year for the upkeeping of the city-hall council chamber.


1921- The construction of the bridge on the « Rivière Assomption» cost $18 per thousand feet.

1922 - The pound of butter was worth $ 0.35.

1923- A window-pane was sold for $ 0.15 and a broom for $ 0.75