Weather Trivia

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These facts were taken from manuscripts owned by Mrs Lumena Geoffroy-Gareau (1868 - 1955) and her daughter-in- law, Mrs. Lumena Venne –Gareau (1909-1978).


• On t he 28 th and 29 th of March 1910, nightingales and thrushes were back and pansies were in bloom.


• In 1919, there were two moons in January and March, something very unusual.


• On August 9th, 1920, lightning fell on the house of Henri Gareau, and it also killed a cow in the fields.


• On September 27 th, 1939, a snowstorm took us by surprise.


• In 1932, on January 17 th there were summer carriages at the blacksmith's shop and the cars rode like in summer; there was no snow.


• An eclipse took place on August 25 th ,1932; in the afternoon, the cocks crowed as if it was morning.


• On May 15 th , 1937, snow covered the ground and on July 29 th , a big hail storm destroyed many crops.

• In 1964, January was mild, on the 24 th and 25 th the maples were leaking.


It's not today that Mother Nature will have the last word..





Luména Venne-Gareau
Luména Geoffroy-Gareau